You never know when the next threat may arrive. When you have a need to safely store your firearm somewhere, yet still be able to defend yourself in an emergency, a magnetic gun holster is a reasonable solution.

Gun magnets allow you to securely store your handgun or rifle, along with a spare clip or two, in a variety of locations.

Keep one under your desk. Install one in your vehicle. Put one on your nightstand next to your bed. With the innovative designs of the modern gun magnets, you’re never forced to store your firearm in a drawer ever again.

Do keep in mind, however, that certain jurisdictions may require you to incorporate locking mechanisms, such as a trigger lock, with this storage option. Always refer to local ownership laws to understand how, where, and when you can use this product.

Remember to practice gun safety rules as they provides crucial information for handling firearms safely!


#1. TACTICON HALO Gun Magnet

tacticon gun magnet


This gun magnet is rated to hold 25 pounds, giving you an option that serves as a bedside holster, a car holster, or storage potential underneath your desk. Each gun magnet is backed with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like how it performs, return it for a refund. It’s that simple.

Unlike some other entry-level priced gun magnets, this manufacturer does not take any shortcuts with the production process. The magnet is made from neodymium and coated with rubber, instead of using fringe-strength alloys in a bid to keep production costs down. This design prevents incidents of unintentional damage from occurring.

The adhesive backing on the magnets is a nice tough. Just take off the protective coating of the backing, then stick the magnet wherever you want to keep your firearm. Then screw the magnet into place to get the weight rating required.

Because this is an entry-level gun magnet, certain jolts or sudden movements may cause the gun to dislodge from its base. We wouldn’t recommend using it in a vehicle as a permanent storage device.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a solid gun magnet to keep your firearms at the ready, this product is going to get the job done for you quite well.

#2. Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

tac mag gun magnet

 This is another gun magnet which comes with a 25-pound rating. It uses multiple neodymium magnets instead of a single one, which gives it a better hold on items that are close to its overall weight limit.

Like most gun magnets of this design, it is designed to be weather-proof. The manufacturer claims the magnets are shock-proof as well, though a sudden jolt may dislodge a heavier handgun or a full clip.

Keep in mind that your firearm will need to have a metal surface for this product to work properly. Not every gun offers enough metal at the attachment point where a balanced hold can be achieved. This issue is most often seen with long guns and rifles, but some modern handguns may have more polymers than metal to deal with for some users.

The one disadvantage with this gun magnet is that you don’t receive any of the mounting hardware in the box. You must either have the screws at home to mount this item or purchase them after receiving the item. It doesn’t include an adhesive backing either, which may make vehicle mounting a chore for some users.

If you have a smaller handgun, this gun magnet performs extremely well, especially at this price point. Larger handguns may struggle to stay in place, even with supportive strapping to guard against movement. Consider your pistol and your placement needs, then see if the benefits of this product are able to stand up to them.


#3. GO-Magnet Low-Profile Gun Magnet

low profile gun magnet

When you look at gun magnets and their designs, you’ll find that most of them are not low profile. They contain a raised portion in the center of the product to accommodate the rare-earth magnets which are being used for the product. The design features a double-sided magnet, which means you have the option of installing this product without using screws, Velcro, or adhesives.

If you’re looking for a magnetic gun holder that offers a true low-profile experience, then you must consider this option. Although it has a lower weight limit, at 15 pounds, it is certainly strong enough to give you the benefits of a magnetic gun holster.

The lower weight limit is perfect for installation within a gun safe if you want to keep a pistol or two in the ready position. This model is perfect for storing your spare mags in limited space. It also has a low enough profile to double as a car gun holster if you have the need.

Of course, it won’t hold pistols that exceed the weight limit of the product. It will not hold the lighter pistols because many of them are polymer-based, which isn’t magnetic. If you have a full-loaded 1911, however, this product has the ability to keep it attached until you’re ready to grab your firearm for some reason.

The gun magnet is surprisingly strong. It will hold a handgun for the average household. If you need something next to your bed, in your vehicle, or in your gun safe, the price of this magnetic gun holster makes it a tempting proposition.


#4. Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount

Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount

If you carry firearms that are a bit on the heavy side, then this rubber-coated magnetic holster is definitely the one to install. It works with all firearm types, including shotguns, and meets the current standards (September 2018) of concealed carry permits, though you must check with your local jurisdiction for absolute validity.

Never install this product as a car gun holster unless permitted by law. Don’t assume you are fine because your state allows concealed carry holsters. You need to check!

You can use this magnetic gun holster in your home or your vehicle. It’s strong enough to stay in your fault, yet slim enough that you can keep it under your desk without a concern for spacing. You’ll receive 4 self-tapping screws and installation guidelines with the product to ensure a proper mounting process.

This is one of the few magnetic holsters for cars that offers a shock-proof design because of the extra weight it is able to hold. The rubber coating prevents scuff marks from appearing on your firearm, while the strength of the magnetic pull isn’t so much that grabbing your firearm becomes a problematic chore.

If you do have a large-frame pistol which meets the weight requirements, you will likely need two of these holsters instead of just one. The oversize guns tend to slip off or move when enough force is applied. As a bedside holster, however, this product works well with just the single mount.

Like many gun magnets, this one mounts easily enough, supports a variety of firearms, and gives you the access you need at a price that is fair. Those are all the staples of a high-quality, dependable product.


#5. RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount

RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount

With a rating of 45 pounds, this magnetic gun mount is one of the most powerful on the market today. To achieve that maximum rating, however, you must have a pistol that takes advantage of the full surface of the magnet. Since not every firearm makes that a possibility, you’re going to find a different user experience waiting for you, based on the actual firearm you own.

It is rated to work with Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Remington, Winchester, and other popular manufacturers.

You’ll receive 3M adhesive tape to affix this magnetic gun holster almost anywhere. Screws are also provided to offer a secure fit under a desk or inside your vault. The rubber coating on this magnetic holster is durable and reliable, so you don’t need to worry about damage to your firearm.

There is a little flexibility within this product, which can be seen as a good or bad thing. If you’re trying to install it as a car magnetic gun mount, then the flex it has makes it easier to mount it flush to one of your panels. For those looking for a rigid magnetic surface, the added flexibility may increase the chances of a shock issue with larger-frame pistols.

This is a very straight-forward product. It works. You aren’t going to find any fancy features or extravagant claims. It holds your gun for a price that is fair, especially when it is compared to similar models in this category. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty.


How Do Gun Magnets Work?

Gun magnets used a magnetic force to secure your firearm to the product. For some, all you need to do is attach the magnetic holster to a piece of metal, then attach your firearm to the product. The magnetic force will keep the unit in place, in a ready position for you whenever you need it.

Gun magnets can also be installed on a non-magnetic surface. Using adhesive tape, screws, or other mounting hardware, you would first secure the holster to the surface. Once in place, you can then secure the firearm.

If you install your gun magnet into a vehicle, then a non-slip vehicle mounting plate is recommended. This type of plate will reduce the vibrations that are responsible for unexpected shock drops when driving.

Common Locations for Gun Magnets

magnetic gun holster

 There are three primary locations used for the best magnetic holsters today.

  • You can install these gun magnets under your bed, behind your headboard, on the side of your nightstand, or another preferred location. That way, you don’t need to worry about going into your safe or vault if an intruder happens to be in your home.
  • A wall is a good magnetic holster installation spot because it gives you true grab-and-go convenience. If you have a walk-in vault, you can take advantage of this convenience while still putting the firearm behind a protection lock that may be required by law.
  • If you have a concealed carry permit, a magnetic gun holster in your vehicle puts your firearm to a place of easy reach should you need to defend yourself. Most will mount underneath the steering wheel or under your console, giving you a flush installation that stays out of sight should someone peer into your vehicle.

Please check local laws before installing any magnetic gun holster.


A Final Thought on Magnetic Gun Holsters

If you need more convenience with your firearm storage, then a gun magnet can make this happen. Most are strong enough to handle your handguns. Some are strong enough to handle your rifles and shotguns.

All of them provide you with a unique benefit that is well worth the small investment that is required to procure them.

Take a closer look at each product. Evaluate its strengths and weaknesses with regards to your needs. Then choose the option which will best serve you today, tomorrow, and the months and years to come.