Recent Gun Control Ideas Congress is Considering

The mass school shooting last week has now raised new concern for gun control legislation. These are the current measures being considered on the federal level. State action may also be possible, considering that gun laws differ from state to state. These 5 points were taken from The Guardian’s post on gun control.

  1. Ban Bump Stocks
  2. Stricter Background Checks
  3. Age limit Increase from 18 to 21 for semi-automatic weapons
  4. Semi-automatic weapons ban
  5. Arming teachers

The question is – Are any of these pieces of legislation backing concrete evidence that could suggest there will be no more mass shootings?

The reality is – None of the gun control measures being proposed would have stopped the Parkland shooting and blaming the AR 15 rifle is not going to stop mass shootings. For example, the student in Virginia Tech went through the school with a handgun.


The Politics Behind Gun Control

Democrats basically want bans on all sorts of weapons to include the AR 15; the most popular rifle in the United States. The media is using students from Parkland Highschool, the latest gun tragedy, to launch an all out emotional assault which would ultimately end in banning guns, which is the left’s end goal. The left suggests that if people care enough, we would all agree and ultimately ban guns. The reason that the media goes out of their way to put people on who are sympathetic is to increase pressure on the general public and increase their political push. This is all about generating an emotional appeal. They are aiming at the general public to basically make people agree after “feeling” the students same pain. This effort to ban all guns might work in other countries, but not in the United States. This push comes without any other concrete answer to gun control. To them, if you don’t agree, you are an uncaring individual.


What Went Wrong in Parkland

The FBI were informed two times of this shooter. In September, a YouTube shooter with the same name commented and said, “I am going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI did not even forward it to the field office. In January, the FBI also received a phone call about the student’s gun ownership, erratic behavior, desire to kill people, and disturbing social media post. Nothing happened; it was ignored and not forwarded to the field office. There were also a few armed deputies on scene that did nothing. It might not have been their fault, as their protocol might have suggested that they must wait for additional authorities. The truth is that they can’t be everywhere at once and cannot do everything. Thousands of “felons” currently have guns and the government knows about them, but are doing nothing.


3 Things We Can Do To Mitigate School Shootings

Theres are points drafted up from many different sides of the spectrum as to measure that can possibly mitigate more school shootings.

  1. Media needs to stop naming shooters – This promotes and glorifies shooters. Many of these shooters are exact copies of the recent shooters. A big number of school shooters have downloaded information from columbine and become obsessed with school shootings to become famous.
  2. Massive security for schools which implies a bigger number of security guards. Having security guards would set both fear and intimidation factors in place to prevent and thrwart “possible school shooters” from attempting. No, this does not mean that kids doing stupid stuff with be confiscated and hauled to jail. Another additional idea is the implementation of doors that can close to lock off certain areas in the schools just like they have in hospitals.
  3. Transparency in current mental health screenings. This information should be transmitted to local authorities and put in databases. There needs to be stricter enforcement on actually providing real and truthful information or be dealt harsher consequences.


Mass Gun Confiscation

Is a mass gun confiscation really going to accomplish the end of gun shootings? What about a country-wide ban of guns? The bad guys will still buy them on the black market. Maybe the next lunatic will bring a pressure-cooker bomb filled with nails. Will you then ban pressure cookers, backpacks, knives, bats, fertilizer & bleach? If someone wants to kill people they don’t need a gun to do it. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people.


Why It Is Vital To Preserve The Second Amendment

The Declaration of Independence says whenever any form of government becomes destructive of the rights, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. The founders were clear that this right included the ability to own arms. You need a gun for two reasons. Someone is coming into your house and you need to shoot them. Another is for a tyrannical government and that you must have the arms necessary to overthrow them. Having citizens armed with guns would prevent the federal government from going tyrannical. They know that if they were to go tyrannical, it would be very difficult to disarm everybody. One of the biggest reasons that you have the right to keep and bear arms is so the government can’t take that right away. On a moral level, people should be able to defend themselves against tyranny.