What is a Gun Cleaning Mat?

Gun Cleaning mats are special mats designed for, well you guessed it, gun cleaning. The leak-proof material in these gun cleaning mats is something special which is not found in other mats. It prevents CLP and other oils to leak from the mat. Grease then can easily be removed and will not leak through the cleaning mat. The problem which mainly occurs while cleanings guns are that oil leaks from the mat and everything becomes oily. This is not the case with this gun cleaning mat. This mat is made of special material to prevent any such problem. It is made of a material which does not seep the oil while cleansing and lays on the surface only which makes sure that you clean it up easily.

Most cleaning mats for guns also have some sort of graphic on the mat that can be internal components of your specific weapons, a ruler or just a picture. Cleaning mats are also designed to be large enough to place all their components and place cleaning solvents on the mat rather than on the table. Not all cleaning mats are the same, so we wanted to take a closer look at what makes the best cleaning mat for firearms. Some of the overhauled mats had many complaints about the simple collection of dust, lint, dirt etc and others had no complaints. We will review each of the best weapon cleaning mats on the market today and find out what makes them better.


Best Gun Cleaning Mats

Below, we have laid out the top 5 gun cleaning mats for the sake of keeping this article short! There are many more on the market, but we covered the best ones for you.


Sage and Braker – Waxed Canvas Gun Cleaning Mat

GUN CLEANING MAT by Sage & Braker. Made From Waxed Canvas, Wool and Leather.
52 Reviews
GUN CLEANING MAT by Sage & Braker. Made From Waxed Canvas, Wool and Leather.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from 12 oz. waxed canvas, heavy wool and thick leather. This mat was built with the intention of passing it down through the generations.
  • OVERSIZED AND OVERSTUFFED: Once rolled out, our mat measures in at 69" long X 16 " wide and ½" thick. Big enough work on your your largest firearms and thick enough to protect them from any surface
  • HOLDS ALL OF YOUR CLEANING PRODUCTS: Built to hold all of your cleaning gear. Four pouches will hold your brushes and picks, your CLP, two bore cleaning kits and a place for your rags. Just roll everything up, buckle it down with the leather straps and throw it in the back of your truck.

Type of weapon: Universal

Material: Wool, Leather and Waxed Canvas

If you are looking for the best gun cleaning mat, go for it. However, we must warn you that this mat is quite expensive and that most people would feel comfortable, but we thought we would take it anyway. The “Sage and Braker” gun cleaning mat is equipped with very high-quality materials. The inside is waxed canvas, which prevents oils and lubricants from discoloring the material. The outer material is heavy wool and thick leather. The interior sections of this gun cleaning mat are designed to hold the entire gun cleaning kit, including brushes, bore snakes, lubricants and more. Therefore, it acts like a gun cleaning box and a cleaning mat. It has two leather straps that serve to hold it together. The surface of this weapon cleaning mat is made from quilted wool, which is the perfect surface for cleaning firearms but is a bit expensive. The quality of this cleaning mat is the best we have seen and it seems that this mat can last a hundred years.


Real Avid Smart Mat – Universal Cleaning Mat

Real Avid .223cal Smart Mat - 43x16”.223 Gun Cleaning Mat, Rifle Graphics
378 Reviews
Real Avid .223cal Smart Mat - 43x16”.223 Gun Cleaning Mat, Rifle Graphics
  • GUN CLEANING MAT FOR ORGANIZED, INFORMATIVE, AND INGENIOUS RIFLE CLEANING: designed for your .223 this 43 inch by 16 inch mat is the perfect work surface for any .223 rifle owner
  • PARTS TRAY CONNECTED TO THE MAT: the parts tray is connected to the cleaning mat and has a small-magnetized section to help you keep track of all your bolt parts and accessories
  • GRIPS ONTO WORK SURFACES: the mat has a non-slip backing that grips most work surfaces to prevent the mat from sliding around while you work

Type of Weapon: Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun.

Material: Magnetic, Non-Absorbent Neoprene Compartment.

It is definitely one of the most popular cleaning mats in the market for cleaning weapons and rifles. This is one of the only gun cleaning mats with a non-absorbent material. The real avid smart mat comes in two different sizes, one for pistols and other for rifles. Many people use both mats and love them. This means that liquids bounce off the mat or just sit on the surface like plastic. The mat side has a magnetic part retention area where you can place your tools and internal components without dropping them. The back of the mat is a non-slip material that sticks to any surface. The magnetic partskeeper section is unique and you will not find any other gun cleaning mats that offer this option.


Rangetechnic Thermal Silicone – Best Handgun Cleaning Mat

Rangetechnic Thermal Silicone Hand Gun Cleaning Mat, 11 x 17
319 Reviews
Rangetechnic Thermal Silicone Hand Gun Cleaning Mat, 11 x 17
  • Thermal Resistance upto 482 degrees Farenheit - perfect for Hot Barrels
  • Protects your work surface or bench from chemicals and oils
  • 11 x 17 inch mat size for hand gun and pistol cleaning

Type of Weapon: Pistol

Material: Non-Absorbing Thermal Silicone Resistance

Many people complain that their gun cleaning mats filter oils everywhere. This can happen with absorbent cleaning mats because the oils penetrate the mat and cannot escape. Non-absorbent silicone rubber on this cleaning mat prevents the ingress of oils into the carpet. Therefore, you can easily use a cloth or paper towel to remove excess oil from the mat. The cleaning mat is designed to handle firearms that heat to over 500 degrees Celsius. This means that you have to cut a cup of coffee while you clean the RA you just shot with. I personally like the design of this cleaning mat. In general, it is a very nice mat for firearms and I will say that they are the best cleaning mat for your guns.


Useful Thingy – AR 15 Gun Cleaning Mat

Gun Cleaning Mat - Rifle Maintenance Gunsmithing Tools - by UsefulThingy
838 Reviews
Gun Cleaning Mat - Rifle Maintenance Gunsmithing Tools - by UsefulThingy
  • LOOKS GREAT on your workbench/counter/table
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL - strong, sturdy, thick, durable and high build quality. Portable, rolls up good when you take it to shooting range
  • PROTECTION FROM SCRATCHES AND DAMAGE - protection from scratches/damage to your weapon, but also protects the surface (table/counter tops) you're working on

Type of Weapon: rifles

Material: Absorbent neoprene, a non-stick coated material with integrated graphic ink.

Designed for cleaning rifles and is big enough to accommodate all rifles. It has a detailed diagram of the AR15 with a short history on the mat cover. This neoprene mat absorbs oil, gun cleaning solvents, and allows for easy cleaning. It has a nonstick support, similar to a mouse pad and it rolls well. We cannot find anything wrong with this rug, and if you’re a fan of the AR15, it’s for you. Usually, we find complaints about the material, but over 500 critics and nobody complained. The material is different in that it is very absorbent rather than repelling the oils and leaving them on the surface.


Drymate – Best Shotgun Cleaning Mat

Drymate GPO1659 Rifle Shotgun Size Gun Cleaning Pad, 16' x 59', Orange
310 Reviews
Drymate GPO1659 Rifle Shotgun Size Gun Cleaning Pad, 16" x 59", Orange
  • Protects tables and firearms from scratches and spilled cleaning fluid
  • Keeps parts organized and in place
  • Durable, stain resistant and long lasting

Type of Weapon: pistol / rifle / shotgun

Material: Absorbent material with rubber back

The Drymate Cleaning Mat is a universal mat for all your firearms and consists of high-quality materials. Many people are upset because they cannot find a high-quality cleaning mat for their shotguns. The best cleaning mats seem to be made for weapons and rifles. We also wanted to add a gun cleaning mat to the list that has no eye-catching pictures and text.


Summing Up

New mats come out every year as technology improves. We struggled to reduce our list of cleaning mats to five. We tested over 30 of the best gun cleaning mats on the market today. Gun cleaning mats are not included in any gun cleaning kit, so you should have them yourself. We know that most people do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gun cleaning mat. That’s why we wanted to search for cleaning mats available at the most reasonable and best-rated prices.