Welcome to Combated! You are going to read the most comprehensive and complete gun cleaning kit guide available. We will examine the best gun cleaning kits on the market today and find out what makes them better. The gun cleaning kits we will see contain everything you need to prevent metal and powder incrustations, oxidation, corrosion, lubrication and more.

You will soon become familiar with the various cleaning components you need to keep your gun in perfect condition. If you pay close attention to your weapon, it will work for many years. Your gun should be used from time to time and thoroughly cleaned if you want it to remain in perfect condition.

The biggest problem for many gun owners with gun cleaning kits is buying cheap components or the wrong caliber cleaning kit. We have found that many kits are supplied with cheap plastic cases where it is difficult to place all the parts. The other problem is that the brushes will bend or break when cleaning the gun. We’ve reviewed hundreds of reviews to avoid these issues and offer you only the best gun cleaning kits that pass the test of time.


Anatomy of a Gun Cleaning Kit

Below, you will find a basic breakdown on what a gun cleaning kit should have. Most of these items come standard in most weapon cleaning kits, but slightly vary. The variation depends on the type of gun you have and the cost of the kit. Most universal gun kits will have all of these items at various sizes for cleaning every gun.

  • Cleaning Patches

gun cleaning patches

Immerse in your preferred cleaning solvent and place on the end of the cleaning jag or on the slotted patch holder. Then you push it slowly through the chambers.The patches come in a variety of different fabrics and some are thinner than others, so pay attention to the details when you buy them.

  • Bronze Brush

bronze brush

The bronzer brush is normally used as a first pass through the barrel to remove a large number of buildup carbons and each kit comes with a set of bronze brushes.

  • Cotton Swab

gun cleaning swabs

It is made like a brush, a cotton cleaning swab, or a mop to remove any leftovers from the barrel. Once removed, the cleaning swab is ideal for removing the oil in the barrel of your gun. They are a popular option for detailing all firearms. Long wooden handles make it easier to push down a barrel and can exert more pressure. Cotton swabs for cleaning weapons are usually supplied with 6 “wooden handles and 100-pack cotton tips”.

  • Nylon Brush

Nylon Brush

In the larger cleaning sets, you will find nylon brushes. These are intended for the delicate parts of the gun, where using the bronze brush is not a good idea. Nylon brushes have been developed to reach molded areas and other hard-to-reach places.

  • Cleaning Jag

gun cleaning jag

In the middle of the jag, there is a cotton pavement, where you get a 360 degree cleaning with bore surfaces. Most jags are nickel plated or brass, which prevents the inner tube from being scratched. It is very important to make sure that all the solvent is removed as it can dry and cause metal rust.

  • Bore Snake

bore snake

Many people think that only a Bore Snake Kit and a little cleaning solvent are enough to clean your weapon. That is not true! Use a bore snake after firing your weapon for quick cleaning each time. Each bore snake with inside diameter adapts to the caliber or the weapon.

  • Slotted Patch Holder

slotted patch holder

Instead of providing a cleaning jag, many kits include a patch holder that performs the same function as the cleaning jag. For the same purpose as the Jag, place the cotton on the end and help eliminate the excess solvent.

  • Cleaning Rods

gun cleaning rods

It is probably the most important tool in your gun cleaning kit. Cleaning rods are used to connect all previous components. Cleaning rods come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. In our list of the top 5 cleaning rods, we will observe the best cleaning bars and explain what makes them better.

gun solvent

It is also known as CLP (cleaning, lubricating and protecting) your weapon. Learn how important a good CLP is in our solvent manual for gun cleaning. Solvents come in a variety of ways and you should familiarize yourself with the different types.


The 5 Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kits In 2018

Universal gun cleaning kits are the most popular because you only need one set to clean all your weapons. If you are not sure whether a particular kit will clean your gun, we have included the brush caliber for each kit. Universal kits are designed to clean about 95% of firearms, including:

  • Common pistols
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns

You want a universal gun cleaning kit with high-quality components that will not break under heavy use. We took the time to see all the popular universal kits currently on the market and selected the top 5 for you. It was not easy because there are many good brands, but five of them stand out from the others.


1)     Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology The Otis Elite
556 Reviews
Otis Technology The Otis Elite
  • Cleans all rifles/pistols/shotguns/inline muzzleloaders with 100% cotton 2" & 3" patches, 3 slotted tips & 2 patch savers
  • 16 firearm specific bronze bore brushes with size marked on brush stem (.17, .22 limited breech, .22/.223, .243-.260, .270/7mm, .30-06/.300/30-30/.308, .338-.35, .357-38cal/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45, .50cal, .410ga, 28ga, 20ga, 16ga, 12/10ga)
  • 8", 12" and 36" aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables and thread connector for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning

The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit comes complete with everything you need to clean your firearms. Designed for advanced gun owners, this gun cleaning kit includes one of the complete cleaning tools for any gun cleaning kit. The bronze brushes are very well engraved with the caliber at the base of the rod. Each tool in this kit fits in the carrying case. If you break one of the brushes, you can get a replacement for a few dollars. The carrying case is made of high-quality nylon and the zipper is of very high quality. Many people prefer a harder hard bag, but I prefer nylon bags. You can use the shoulder strap to carry the bag instead of carrying it with the handle like the kits in the fixed box. This universal set contains 22 special bronze brushes with engraved caliber on the stem. The calibers include:

  • Rifle Calibers: .17mm – .50mm
  • Piston Calibers: .17mm – .50mm
  • Shotgun Calibers: .410 – 12/10


  • All products are made in the United States
  • Twenty-two (22) bronze brushes eliminate copper deposits and other inlays, allowing you to clean more than 40 different firearms
  • 6 Memory-Flex cables: 100% cotton cleaning pads, nozzle brush and cleaner, all-in-one lubricant and preservative
  • Scratching scraper made of brass, locking-lug scraper, pin punch, nylon brush, compact receiver brush and two-rod handles
  • Lens Cleaning Kit: Cleans and protects the lenses on your scope, range-finders, laser monitors, binoculars, cameras, and goggles
  • Two 5-oz tubes of Otis O85 Ultra Bore solvent


  • The only thing people complain about with this kit is the carrying case. The kit is very compact because it is very large and has many components, which means you cannot throw everything in the bag and compress it. You want everything to return to its place before you lift the bag.
  • Other items that you would like to add to this kit are Hoppe No. 9 Bore Cleaner or another CLP Cleaner and 6 “cotton swabs with wooden handles that are inexpensive and necessary to complete this kit.


2)     DAC Winchester Super Deluxe – Universal Spray Cleaning Kit

DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case (68-Piece)
179 Reviews
DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case (68-Piece)
  • Custom fitted Winchester EVA soft sided case
  • Removable handoliers and accessory pouches
  • Machined aluminum handle

Have you ever seen criticisms that claim they are the best, and someone complains about it as well that it’s garbage? You will not find any complaints about the Winchester Super Deluxe DAC Gun Cleaning Kit. It comes with a high quality, well-organized nylon carrying case, Velcro closure, and a durable zipper. This is perhaps one of the best-studied gun cleaning kits. Let’s take a closer look at each tool to find out why.

Universal kit includes brushes and mops for 14 different calibers, including:

  • Shotgun Caliber: Caliber .410, Caliber 12 and 20 Gauge
  • Small Calibers: .17, .204, .22, .243, .270 / 280, .30
  • Average/Medium Calibers: .357 / .38 / 9mm, .40, .44 / .45
  • Large Calibers: .50, .540


  • Each bronze brush has caliber-size stamped on the plastic-bottle which hold it
  • Set of 68 pieces suitable for most firearms
  • Made in the USA with high-quality materials
  • Incredible reviews and a very affordable price
  • The carrying case is made of high-quality nylon with a sturdy zipper
  • The box contains sections for brushing, rods, oil, mops, and snake
  • Each section is attached with Velcro so that it can be removed from the box and placed on a table


  • Important items not included in this kit are a bore snake, a cleaning solvent, and lubricating oil. These items must be purchased separately.
  • This kit does not contain any instructions, but YouTube provides instructions on how to use anything it contains.


In general, it is the best universal pistol kit we have found. No gun equipment is truly universal and if you have an unusual firearm, you may need a special gun cleaning kit to accommodate you. If you have several common firearms and do not want to use a kit for each, this is the best option.


3)     Outers 28 Pieces – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

OUTERS Universal .22 & Up 28-Piece 70082 Gun Cleaning Kit In Wooden Box
351 Reviews
OUTERS Universal .22 & Up 28-Piece 70082 Gun Cleaning Kit In Wooden Box
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting gun Cleaning kits
  • Another quality Bushnell product

One of the only universal gun cleaning kits that comes in a beautiful wooden box. This kit is primarily for firearms. This is not a sturdy kit for extreme conditions, but there is a wide selection of brushes for many different calibers. It’s a great kit for the price. The quality of the components is average and there were complaints mainly of bending and breaking the rods, which is often done with cheaper kits. This universal kit contains 8 bronze brushes and 5 mops for different calibers. The bronze brushes are durable and are the standard bronze brushes. Some complaints were made about the box. It’s a bit thin and weighs 1.5 pounds and has 1/8 “oak, maybe a heavier box would have been nice, but again you get what you pay for. A kit for beginners who need it for caliber 22 because it’s discomfort stated that it is not suitable for all sizes with only eight brushes.

The Calibers Include:

  • 3 bronze rods: .22 cal and more
  • Caliber for rifles and pistols: 45, 40, 357 / .38, 30, 270/280, 22
  • Shotgun Caliber: 10/12, 20/28, 410
  • 5 Cleaning Mops: 22-25 cal, 38-357 cal, .41ga, 28 / 20ga, 12 / 10ga


  • 8 bronze brushes, 5 cleaning mops, 5 spear jags, 3 brass rods, 3 pistols/rifles, 2 slotted patch tips, 1 accessory adapter and 1 oak box.
  • Instructions for use describing the contents of the kit.


  • The biggest complaint with this kit is that the cleaning jags are made of plastic. Many people have said that the rods are too light for tilted shotguns. It seems to be more suitable for cleaning caliber rifles and pistols .22
  • Many parts are made of high-quality plastic and not brass or other metal
  • Cleaning lubricants or cotton buds, which must be purchased separately


4)     HOPPES No. 9 Deluxe – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Hoppe's No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit
196 Reviews
Hoppe's No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Made for universal cleaning
  • Lubricating oil
  • 3-Piece brass rod

The Hoppe Kit Number 9 is a simple set of 18 pieces for beginners. This is one of the cheapest weapons cleaning kits so you cannot expect it to come with a sturdy case and many parts. This wooden box is beautiful and should be used indoors and a little expensive. It’s a very thin material and feels like 1/8 “wood, so you should be careful when handling the case. This kit contains a good guide for beginners to learn all the components of different types of firearms. Like all things, you get what you pay for. Some people want to pay $20 and wait for a set of everything they need to clean their weapons and then complain if it does not happen. This kit contains a lot of what you need to clean a lot of ordinary firearms. HOPPES No. 9 Deluxe includes a 3-piece brass rod, 5 phosphor bronze brushes and 4 slotted ends for the following calibers.

The Calibers Include:

  • Rifle Caliber: .22 and .30
  • Pistol Calibers: .38
  • The Caliber of Shotguns: 12, 20 Ga.


  • Five (5) phosphor bronze brushes for different guns and one three-piece brass rod
  • The wooden carrying case measures 26 “x 8” and weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • Contains lubricating oil and a silicone cleaning cloth
  • Hoppe Gun 9-gauge cleaner for removing dust, lead, metal and rust encrustations.
  • Operating instructions for using all kit components.


  • The only thing missing is a bar and brushes that can be ordered separately
  • Several complaints have been submitted regarding the quality of the wooden box
  • It does not contain everything you need to clean a shotgun and does not contain a 9mm or .45 piece of brass
  • With regard to the quality of the bronze brushes, there were several complaints that the brush bristles fall after heavy use
  • The wooden box is a bit cheap and there were complaints about the quality of the brushes


5)     Ohuhu 28 Piece – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Ohuhu 28pcs Universal Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot Gun Cleaning Kit with Carrying Case (28 pcs)
395 Reviews
Ohuhu 28pcs Universal Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot Gun Cleaning Kit with Carrying Case (28 pcs)
  • ALL-IN-ONE: You can find 28 pieces of cleaning accessories that you need for all types of shotguns, rifles and pistol in this kit
  • 6 RODS: 3 pieces of stainless steel shotgun rods and 3 pieces of stainless steel rifle rods
  • 10 DIFFERENT SIZED BRUSHES: 10 pieces of Brass cleaning brush for different size - (10/12, 20/28, 410, 45, 40, 357/38, 17, 30, 270/280, 22)

This set is ideal for beginners who are looking for a low priced kit and do not need a larger pistol cleaning set with many parts. Many people prefer hard aluminum cases and that sounds like something James Bond would use. The foam padding inside the kit keeps the 28 parts safe and provides space for other items such as lubricants. The brushes are of high quality. In general, this kit is much better than you expect for $20 and has almost everything you need for conventional weapons. Ideal for beginners who are just starting out and do not want to spend a lot of money or time waiting for their weapons. This universal kit contains mops for 10 different calibers and brushes.

The Calibers Include:

  • Rifle and Pistol Gauges: 45, 40, 357/38, 17, 30, 270/280, 22
  • Shotgun Caliber: 10/12, 20/28, 410


  • 10 brushes, 5 cleaning brushes, 3 rifle rods, 3 pistols/rifles, 2 slot tips, 1 accessory adapter and 1 carrying case
  • Beautiful aluminum carrying case that weighs 2 pounds
  • Instructions for use describing the contents of the kit
  • Perfect for beginners who have just started and do not want to spend a lot of money on a cleaning kit.


  • Although the aluminum case is elegant, some people do not like the case opening at 90 degrees. Keep in mind that this kit is one of the cheapest on the market, so you will not get the best materials.
  • The cleaning rods are not of the highest quality and have been complained of being bent and broken. To the components of the rifle, which do not match, several complaints were submitted.
  • In general, the quality of this kit is slightly below average compared to the best gun cleaning kits.


The 3 Best Handgun And Rifle Cleaning Kits In 2018

While Universal Kits are designed for a wide range of firearms, they can be a bit tall and contain many different components. They are not ideal to reach with you or on the street. That’s why we’d like to show you the best small gun cleaning kits that fit in your back pocket and are designed for the field. The following list contains our favorite selection for rifles and universal pistols. We reviewed the best kits and read hundreds of comments to get to the Top 5. As always, check the caliber of the kit you are looking for to make sure it matches your firearms. Many people buy a set, only to find that the caliber of their weapon is not included.


1)     Real Avid Pro Pack – Best AR Cleaning Kit (.223 / 5.56)

Real Avid .223 Gun Boss - Compact .223 Caliber Cleaning kit with Gun Cleaning Rod, Chamber Cleaning Supplies, and More
351 Reviews
Real Avid .223 Gun Boss - Compact .223 Caliber Cleaning kit with Gun Cleaning Rod, Chamber Cleaning Supplies, and More
  • New and Improved Rods as of June 2016: 7 threaded coated steel rod sections (1 with rotating end) form a 33" gun cleaning rod, t-handle included
  • .223 Chamber Cleaning Supplies: phosphor bronze chamber cleaning brush; 5 precision cut chamber cleaning pads
  • 223 Bore Cleaning Supplies: barrel brush with phosphor bronze bristles, nylon slotted tip, 25 cleaning patches

This kit is designed to clean your weapon in the field or in range and is not intended as the main cleaning kit. The bag is made of nylon and small enough to fit. Each tool fits in the box or is held by the polyester rubber bands. The tool I like the most in this kit is the MSR Scraper because it has 12 precise cutting surfaces that clean every inch of your rifle. To remove the carbon accumulated in the inner parts, the scraper is among the best we have used. Scraper tool to achieve this accumulated accumulation of carbon in these internal parts.

A good complement to this kit is a manual that shows you how to disassemble your rifle, clean carbon parts, clean the camera, use a hole, apply oil, and other helpful tips. This guide is perfect for any new owner of the AR platform who does not know their firearms yet. In general, probably the best kit developed exclusively for AR rifles, which also uses other popular 223 rifles such as the Remington and the NATO 5.56.

The Caliber includes:

  • .223 / 5.56


  • .223 / 5.56 Field Guide for Cleaning and Maintenance, 8-Star Cleaning Pads, 50 Patches and 3-in-1 Green Bore Safety Indicator
  • Weatherproof zipped pocket with ballistic nylon shell
  • 33 “7-piece brass cleaning brush, stuck rounded extractor as well as a nylon cleaning brush and a 0.223 / 5.56” phosphor bronze brush and chamber brush with brass points


  • This could be the first gun cleaning kit where I saw no complaints about the design of the case. Many of the cases we look at are made of thin material and it is a tough ballistic nylon that is water and bulletproof. Probably one of the best-qualified AR cleaning kits on the market, offering everything you need for .223 / 5.56. The only additional items we recommend are a good cleaner and good old cotton swabs with handles


2)     Otis Tactical – Best Rifle / Pistol Cleaning Kit

Otis Tactical Cleaning System- Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun
557 Reviews
Otis Tactical Cleaning System- Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun
  • Cleans all rifles/pistols/shotguns with 100% cotton 2" & 3" patches, 3 slotted tips & 2 patch savers
  • Six firearm specific bronze bore brushes with size marked on brush stem (.22/.223, .270, .30/.308/30-06/30-30, .38/9mm, .45 cal, 12 ga)
  • 8" and 30" aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables and thread connector for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning

It has everything you need to clean almost any type of weapon and that’s why this kit is popular. This kit is very compact and measures 4 “x 4”, making it one of the smallest kits on the market. With this set, you can clean not only all weapons but also most rifles and shotguns. We really wanted to include brands other than Otis on this list, but after analyzing all the cleaning kits, we cannot deny that Otis has become one of the best brands. This cleaning kit is Amazon’s choice, so we had to take a look. In general, Amazon chooses the best product based on users’ opinions and a number of purchases, which seems to be the case here.

Many people love the compact design of the case and others do not like it that much. Personally, I love it because it has everything arranged neatly and easy to find. The quality of the brushes and other components is exactly what you expect from Otis. If it breaks, you can always buy a new one online for a few dollars. Designed to clean all 0.17 to 0.50 pistols, it’s the perfect kit to carry in your pocket.

  • Rifle / Pistol Calibers: .22, .270, .30, .38, .45 cal., 12/10 ga.
  • Not Included: .223, .243, .40


  • Flexible storage cables of 8, 30 and 34 inches
  • 6 pistol-specific bronze brushes
  • Versatile system for all calibers .17 to .50
  • T-handles and tools for removing obstructions for sealed boxes and other barrel blocks
  • Full-Size Cotton Cleaning Patches for .270 gauge and larger


  • They are not of the highest quality and it may take a while to learn how to use them properly
  • If you are not nice, you can damage the parts of the case. As always, always read the specific meter that cleans this kit
  • There are always people who complain that the kit does not clean your gun completely


3)     Otis All Caliber Elite – Best Rifle Cleaning Kit (.223 / .308)

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box with Universal Gun Cleaning Gear
17 Reviews
Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box with Universal Gun Cleaning Gear
  • Cleans all rifles pistols shotguns inline muzzleloaders with 100% cotton 2" & 3" patches, 3 Slotted tips & 2 patch savers
  • 4 firearm specific ripcords for quick one-pass Cleaning in the field (.22/.223Cal, .30/.308Cal, .38Cal/9mm & 12 ga)
  • 5.56mm B.O.N.E tool quickly and easily cleans the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin

With the modern Otis you can choose between 7,62 / .308 or 5,56 / .223. We really like the AVID for 223, so let’s look at the 7.62 / .308 cleaning kit for NATO 308 / 7.62 rifles. Both kits contain everything you need to clean all MSR / AR rifles. This kit has everything you need for your rifle and the package is a nice compact design that will take you anywhere. One thing I like about Otis is that they have an excellent warranty policy and a very helpful customer service. If you have questions, they are always there to answer. The case has a surprisingly compact design and stores a variety of different tools. One of the highlights of this kit is the B.O.N.E. tool with which you can clean the bolt carrier. Many people who have used this tool say it is worth its weight in gold.

The Calibers include:

  • 223 and 5.56 mm rifle cleaning set
  • 308 and 7.62 mm rifle cleaning set


  • Tool for cleaning the bolt carrier assembly
  • Remove copper deposits and inlays with a copper brush
  • Memory-Flex® 8 “and 30” cables for efficient and correct cleaning of Breech-to-Muzzle®
  • Bronze brush and Mongoose® G2 Brush for removing copper deposits and other incrustations


  • It was difficult to find complaints about it. By far, this is the most popular AR cleaning kit on the market, and with good reason. As usual, you will receive complaints about the package. Not everyone will like the compact design style, which for many may be too compact. This prevents access to all tools. As with most weapon cleaning kits, some items need to be purchased separately, such as cleaning solvents and pads, bore snakes


5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Gun Cleaning Kit

Buying something online can be beneficial for you but a bad decision as well. There are literally hundreds of weapons cleaning kits to choose from and many times the reviews can be misleading or paid advertisements to promote products. That’s why we decided to create this website to give you clear information about popular gun cleaning kits that are not associated with a particular brand or hidden subject. We just want to try the best gun cleaning kits to see which ones are really the best.

1)     Caliber Sizes

gun caliber sizes

Caliber is the key thing to keep in mind when looking at a gun cleaning kit. I cannot tell you how many complaints I heard from people buying a set and cleaning only one of their three weapons. Do not make this mistake and check the small print of the kit.

2)     User Friendliness

gun user friendly

It is important to become familiar with the different components of each kit. You can spend a few hours reading or watching a video on your firearm to find out what you need to clean properly. Using a gun vise is one of the least expensive tools that can make things much easier.

3)     Quality of The Tool

gun tool quality

We try to get as detailed as possible with every weapon set we have examined. We take the time to watch the videos and read all the comments, for example with the AR cleaning tools. Each tool and kit is a bit different and we read hundreds of reviews carefully before saying anything good or bad about a tool. We did not buy all the equipment and it would cost thousands of dollars. We also do not have the full range of firearms to test each kit, so the best we can do is compare the reports from the firearm owners who used these kits.

4)     Quality of Case

gun case

The biggest complaints are always on the case. We take this into consideration when we review all cleaning kits, but if you really dislike your case, we’ll check the best cases and cleaning cases for the guns. If you want a good case, you will not get it with your kit because it would increase the price. Most people spend the money to buy a good suitcase separately and use the carrying case to travel or shoot in the distance.

5)     Warranty


Before you buy, check the guidelines and the duration of the warranty. We’ll cover these things on our website and you’ll know if you can return your kit if it breaks or you do not like it.


Why Gun Cleaning Kits Are Important

When you are good to your weapon then your weapon will be good to you This means that it has to be prepared for field conditions and cleaned each time after use. Reward it for its excellent performance and perfect accuracy. If you keep your gun and use your gun cleaning equipment regularly, there will be no age effect on your firearms. Moisture is the enemy when it comes to keeping your weapon. If condensation in your gun accumulates long enough, it becomes completely useless. This usually happens when shooting in cold climates and in a warm place.

Other common occurrences are rain, snow, fog and salt water. Saltwater is an even bigger problem and if you shoot close to a large amount of salt water, salt can accumulate in the air and you need to learn to take precautions to avoid it. You’ll find that even after hundreds of years, old weapons work remarkably well. This will only happen if you take the time to properly service and clean your firearms. The process is simple and pleasant as well as necessary.


What Is The Best Gun Cleaning Kit To Buy?

It is very difficult to determine which kit is best for cleaning weapons. Each kit brings something different from the table. It all comes down to the number of types of firearms you have or plan to have in the future. We wanted to consider everything when choosing the best option and choose Otis Elite. It has everything you need for a variety of firearms. When you think of a universal gun cleaning kit, this is the kind of equipment you can imagine. If the carrying case is a problem, it is common to replace it with a tackle box. This allows for greater water protection and can add more items to the box, such as cleaning solvents and rods.

Keep in mind that none of these kits comes with a gun cleaning mat that must be purchased separately if you love your tables. It is very easy to tear down CLP on your surfaces, and once it is there, it can be very difficult to get out. The downside of this kit is that it can be more than people want to spend. If so, consider how important it is to have multiple firearms. Many people spend thousands of dollars on their weapons collection and do not want to pay a hundred dollars to make sure they are clean and functional.

Regular cleaning of your weapons is the most important thing to make sure they last a long time. For those who are looking for an affordable option. We cover the best universal weapons cleaning kits for less than $40. Although these kits are not as complete as the Otis or Winchester kits, they will do the trick. It’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to invest in the maintenance of your firearms.


How To Clean A Rifle With A Rifle Cleaning Kit

This video below shows even the newest rifle owners how to clean a rifle. The rifle cleaned below features an AR-15 but most of these tips and techniques can be used to other rilfes as well.


How To Clean A Shotgun With a Shotgun Cleaning Kit

There are many ways to clean your shotgun. This video will walk you through beginner steps on cleaning a shotgun.


How To Clean A Pistol

If you are a new pistol owner and have never cleaned one before, watch the video below. The cleaner talks you through the basic steps and principles to consider while cleaning.

You may also be interested in 9mm cleaning kits.


10 Most Common Questions About Gun Cleaning Kits

1)     What Are Gun Cleaning Kits?

Weapon Cleaning Kits contain almost everything you need to properly clean and maintain your firearms. The best of kits is that you can clean a variety of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Buying every component in a kit is very expensive and you can spend almost twice as much when you buy each component separately.

2)     What Is The Best Weapon Cleaning Kit For Beginners?

Beginner kits usually contain fewer components and simple instructions for cleaning your weapons. Even the most advanced kits are not very difficult to use and you will get the tip in no time.

3)     Is It Expensive To Buy a Gun Cleaning Kit?

Most universal kits cost between $20 and $100, which is not bad, considering that their weapons can cost thousands of dollars. Rifle and gun kits usually cost between $20 and $50. If you have one or two pistols, you can opt for custom cleaning kits, or choose Universal if you want to buy more pistols.

4)     What Are The Benefits of Gun Cleaning Kits?

A quick cleanup should be given to your weapon after firing. Every two weeks you must do a thorough cleaning with a gun cleaning kit to keep your firearms in perfect condition. This will ensure that the items will not fail or become damaged. The other big advantage of a kit is to save money. Buying a kit is cheaper than buying each component.

5)     How Does a Gun Cleaning Kit Work?

Each gun cleaning kit usually contains instructions for each tool. In fact, it’s very easy to learn how to use a gun cleaning kit, and if you have trouble brushing your gun, you should go to YouTube and search for videos, you can always find something there and there are also some hunting and shooting forums which will definitely help you.

6)     What Types of Gun Cleaning Kits Should I Buy?

There are gun cleaning kits for every type of firearm, but here we wanted to check out the most popular kits. The kits tested here will cover 99% of the firearms. If you have a weapon that falls in this 1% you will need to buy special tools of this caliber. If not, just check the caliber of your firearms and make sure the kit contains it.

7)     What Kind of Weapons Can I Clean With a Cleaning Kit?

Universal Gun Cleaning Kits are designed to clean all pistols. The smaller kits are specially designed for rifles, shotguns or pistols. As always, check the caliber of the kit to make sure it works with your firearms.

8)     How Do I Store My Gun After I Have Cleaned It?

After cleaning your weapon, it is very likely to be stored somewhere. The ideal place is a dark and warm place, like a closet or a safe. Be sure to apply lubricating oil to avoid oxidation.

9)     Is Everything I Need To Be Included In a Gun Cleaning Kit?

No, most kits do not contain all the components. Items such as cleaning solvents, CLP, lubricants or cotton swabs are not suitable in many cases and therefore sold separately. The total cost of these items is less than $10 and that’s a fair price.

10)     How Long Does It Take To Clean My Weapon?

Once you’ve made it, you can do a quick clean in about 2 minutes. This involves removing the borage, filling oil and passing through the gun, then cleaning. Full cleaning depends on the size of your weapon, but it usually takes a few minutes. If you are not in a hurry, you should take time to clean all your weapons.