Throughout my military time, I fired the M16 more times than I care to think about. Picture being outdoors, laying in the prone position in the rain or snowfall shooting. As you can imagine, that was not fun at all! I still managed to shoot expert on many of those occasions (36/40 moving targets) (38/40 paper). During that time, I found that the climate, my attitude, and area would mostly change. What would not change are four rifle marksmanship fundamentals. A stable position, aim, breathe control, and trigger squeeze were those skills. I certainly think everybody should comprehend, practice, and utilize these skills on and off the shooting range.

I found my passion for firearms while serving in the United States Army. I served active time and currently still in the reserves. I earned the German Schützenschnur, or German Armed Forces Badge for weapons proficiency while stationed in Germany. I earned a Bronze medal for that event, here’s why and what happened.

bronze schutzenschnur


I had to shoot the German pistol (P8), rifle (G36), and machine gun (MG3).



The pistol and rifle were BY FAR the easiest, scoring gold for both events. The pistol and rifle both had moving target lanes while the machine gun had paper. Their machine gun was terrible! I layed into that machine gun as hard as I could on the ground, as stable as could be, and STILL had epic recoil! I tried 3 seperate times and could not score above bronze! By the end of the machine gun event, my shoulder was sorer than ever. To earn the Schützenschnur, you had to pass all 3 events. Since I scored bronze in one event, I got the bronze medal even though I shot gold for the others.

I started this blog to help educate others (mostly beginners) on gear, firearm accessories, shooting fundamentals, techniques, and the list goes on. If it has something to do with firearms, you can probably find it on here. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the content. I look forward to blogging!