Gun Cleaning Kits 101

gun cleaning

Welcome to Combated! You are going to read the most comprehensive and complete gun cleaning kit guide available. We will examine the best gun cleaning kits on the market today and find out what makes them better. The gun cleaning kits we will see contain everything you need to prevent metal and powder encrustations, oxidation, corrosion, lubrication and more.

You will soon become familiar with the various cleaning components you need to keep your gun in perfect condition. If you pay close attention to your weapon, it will work for many years. Your gun should be used from time to time and thoroughly cleaned if you want it to remain in perfect condition.

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9mm Cleaning Kits

best 9mm cleaning kit

You must clean your weapon after each use. After a while, this will not be a difficult task and with a good kit and accessories, it can be really fun. You should inspect each part and read the manual carefully. Watch videos on YouTube about cleaning the handguns. Many people, including a good friend of mine, use WD-40 as a first step in cleaning weapons. You can soak it for a few minutes and then use a wire brush to clean all the dirt. The other thing I recommend for every 9mm gun cleaning set is a good cleaning pad. This will make your workspace seem legitimate, and even if you can use an old carpet or a yoga mat, good carpet cleaning will ensure that your surfaces are better protected.

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AR 15 Accessories – The Essentials in 2018

ar 15 accessories

The AR15 has been many Americans’ favorite rifle for more than half a century. As a result, AR 15 accessories are very abundant with many different brands creating the same rifle accessories. This article picks out the best AR15 accessories from nine categories and we cover in great details each individual accessory.

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Cleaning Solvents For Guns – Gun Oil, Grease, CLP And More

gun solvents

Cleaning Solvents Are Important!

The purpose of gun cleaning solvent is to protect your weapon from the elements. Some solvents are better than others and some are specifically designed for specific purposes. We try to provide you with a little more about each solvent so that you can make an informed decision. Although we have our preferred solvents, we do not want them to reflect your decision-making because there are so many that I did not have the opportunity to try them. Keeping your gun clean with a good cleaning product (CLP) is probably the best thing you can do. You should prevent the accumulation of moisture and condensation. If your gun is wet and you leave it lying on a shelf or in a safe for a few days, you’ll find that it can oxidize quickly. Leaving the water in your gun is a very bad idea and can quickly ruin it.

When looking for solvents for cleaning weapons, some important factors must be considered. You have asked us many questions about the best cleaning products for firearms. In this review, we take a look at the most popular options from professionals. Most gun cleaning kits do not contain a pistol cleaning solvent, so you will need to buy it separately. Fast cleaning with a bore snake requires just a touch of CLP to clean your weapon. For a thorough cleaning, different oils and detergents are required. We will cover the best lubricants and protectors for gun cleaners and you will learn why they are the best. If you are a user of a bore snake kit, you will find that it already comes with these two cleaning solvents. If you do not use a drill and buy a cleaning kit, you will need to buy these two solvents separately.


Best Gun Cleaning Solvents

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Gun Vise Reviews – Top 5 in 2018

gun vise

In this review we take a look at the top 5 gun vises on the market. A professional gun vise and maintenance center is a big improvement over the bench vise. A bench vise is not the ideal method of securing your firearm while cleaning it, due to the sharp edges which can scratch sensitive areas of your gun.

Most gun vises come with padding and soft corners to prevent scratching your firearms. The gun vise is designed for basic gunsmithing and cleaning your long guns. In this review, we looked at all of the most popular gun vises on the market and even the not so popular ones. You want a gun vise that will easily lock your rifle into place for cleaning and isn’t made of flimsy plastic.

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Gun Cleaning Mats – A Mobile, Leak-Proof, Must-Have Accessory For Gun Cleaning

gun cleaning mat

What is a Gun Cleaning Mat?

Gun Cleaning mats are special mats designed for, well you guessed it, gun cleaning. The leak-proof material in these gun cleaning mats is something special which is not found in other mats. It prevents CLP and other oils to leak from the mat. Grease then can easily be removed and will not leak through the cleaning mat. The problem which mainly occurs while cleanings guns are that oil leaks from the mat and everything becomes oily. This is not the case with this gun cleaning mat. This mat is made of special material to prevent any such problem. It is made of a material which does not seep the oil while cleansing and lays on the surface only which makes sure that you clean it up easily.

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Current Gun Debate, Parkland Failures, Gun Control Consideration, And Why We Can’t Just “Ban” Guns

gun control

Recent Gun Control Ideas Congress is Considering

The mass school shooting last week has now raised new concern for gun control legislation. These are the current measures being considered on the federal level. State action may also be possible, considering that gun laws differ from state to state. These 5 points were taken from The Guardian’s post on gun control.

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Gun Giveaway: NRA Sweepstakes – June 30, 2018 Deadline

nra sweepstakes

Below you can find some information pertaining to the gun giveaway. You can always check out the NRA sweepstakes official page for updates as their information may change at any time.

Grand Prize Winner

Gets to pick the gun or gear prize of their choice. This pertains to the first through fifth prize levels. The following is the prize list for each prize package.

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